History, Nonfiction, Psychological Thriller, Survival Narratives

In the Kingdom of Ice by Sides

Hampton Sides’s brilliant work In the Kingdom of Ice explores the grand but ill-fated voyage of the USS Jeannette in a polar expedition to discover the nonexistent “Open Polar Sea.” The tale is a work of nonfiction written with the gripping quality of a psychological thriller. It is a story of adventure, courage, perseverance, and… Continue reading In the Kingdom of Ice by Sides

Psychological Thriller, Suspense

Before She Knew Him by Swanson

Peter Swanson’s latest, Before She Knew Him, is his most swiftly-paced and tautly-told novel. Hen, an artist with bi-polar who has a history of obsession and making false accusations, becomes convinced her new neighbour, Matthew, is a murderer. What ensues is a cat and mouse game that turns into a twisted friendship worthy of the… Continue reading Before She Knew Him by Swanson

Domestic Drama, Psychological Thriller, Suspense

Lying in Wait by Nugent

Liz Nugent’s Lying in Wait is a twisted read that pits a son’s determination to unravel a family secret against his mother’s dangerous possessiveness and psychopathic machinations. Nugent’s latest is a character drama, a coming of age story, a domestic suspense, and a psychological thriller all wrapped up in an engaging and disquieting read. Nugent's… Continue reading Lying in Wait by Nugent

Crime Fiction, Literary Fiction, Mystery, Police Procedural, Psychological Thriller

The Listeners by Quinn

Anthony J. Quinn’s latest novel, The Listeners, is the first in a new crime series featuring a new protagonist—young wife and mother, Carla Herron, only months out of police training as a Detective Sergeant—and a new brooding landscape, the darkly forested borderlands of Scotland. While the tale is a departure from his Celcius Daly series,… Continue reading The Listeners by Quinn

Classic, Psychological Thriller, Survival Narratives

Moby-Dick by Melville

Call me Ishmael. It is one of the most noted lines in literary history. Thus begins Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick, a classic in America’s literary body. Complex and dense, the tale revolves around a depressive former school teacher who instructs the reader to call him Ishmael as he becomes embroiled in an ill-fated, epic voyage around… Continue reading Moby-Dick by Melville

Crime Fiction, Mystery, Psychological Thriller, Suspense

In Her Bones by Moretti

Kate Moretti’s In Her Bones is a suspenseful mystery that turns the serial killer trope on its head by focusing on the family’s perspective. Edie Beckett is living in the shadow of her mother’s conviction for the murder of six women. Obsessively voyeuristic, she spends most of her time stalking the families of her mother’s… Continue reading In Her Bones by Moretti

Feminist Literature, Psychological Thriller, Suspense

Our Kind of Cruelty by Hall

Araminta Hall’s Our Kind of Cruelty is not a surprising read filled with twists and turns. It is largely exposition with very little action. From the first pages, you know how the story is going to evolve, and it is straightforward in its arc. The message is more powerful than the plot, and it is… Continue reading Our Kind of Cruelty by Hall