Domestic Noir, Psychological Thriller, Suspense

The Woman in the Window by Finn

The Woman in the Window is A.J. Finn’s debut novel, but the author’s writing style is that of a seasoned expert in the craft. The writing is impeccable, the descriptions vivid and detailed, the mundane given startling poeticism, the twisted labyrinths of the psyche viscerally portrayed. I found this to be an immersive tale, a… Continue reading The Woman in the Window by Finn

Domestic Noir, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Her Every Fear by Swanson

Peter Swanson’s Her Every Fear is a harrowing psychological thriller that takes the reader to an elegant apartment building in Boston and into the twisted labyrinth of the human mind. Chilling and tense with a highly focused setting, the story has a hair-raising plot with a cast of perverse characters and a brilliant Hitchcockian tone.… Continue reading Her Every Fear by Swanson