History, Nonfiction, Survival Narratives, Suspense

The Perfect Horse by Letts

Elizabeth Letts’s stunning historical retelling, The Perfect Horse, takes the reader through eighty years of equine history, with World War II the devastating heart of the tale. Though nonfiction, the book reads like an historical thriller and is in turns both moving and wrenching. The book is a poignant recounting of some of the world’s… Continue reading The Perfect Horse by Letts

Classic, Feminist Literature, Modernist Literature

To the Lighthouse by Woolf

Reviewed by Margot Pelletier To the Lighthouse is Virginia Woolf at her insightful, lyrical, complex best. In a bold literary experiment that explores the traditional family structure, Woolf has created a classic piece of modernist literature imbued with the feminist commentary for which she was so well-known. Rather than following a distinct plot arch, Woolf… Continue reading To the Lighthouse by Woolf

Historical Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

The Air Raid Killer by Goldammer

Reviewed by Henry Morrison The Air Raid Killer is a brilliant historical crime thriller written by Frank Goldammer and translated by Steve Anderson. Though the murder mystery and race to catch a chilling serial killer made for an engaging read, I found the setting to be the most compelling aspect of the book:  the city… Continue reading The Air Raid Killer by Goldammer

Mystery, Noir, Psychological Thriller, Suspense

All the Beautiful Lies by Swanson

Reviewed by M. Sean Collins All the Beautiful Lies is Peter Swanson’s latest offering to the thriller genre, and it has all the trappings of a Swanson read:  elegant, intelligent writing; an atmospheric New England setting; and a cast of morally ambiguous characters. The author excels at introspective, cerebral exposition that reads actively and engagingly,… Continue reading All the Beautiful Lies by Swanson


Beyond Bedlam’s Door by Rubinstein

Reviewed by M. Sean Collins Mark Rubinstein’s Beyond Bedlam’s Door: True Tales from the Couch and Courtroom is a collection of case studies that explores the intersection of psychiatry and law, the tightrope of ethics that doctors traverse, and the tenacity of the human spirit. In turns poignant, humorous, and disturbing, Mr. Rubinstein recounts his… Continue reading Beyond Bedlam’s Door by Rubinstein

History, Nonfiction, Political Thriller

The Liberation Trilogy by Atkinson

Reviewed by M. Sean Collins An Army at Dawn Rick Atkinson’s An Army at Dawn is the first of three books detailing the United States’ role in the liberation of Europe during World War II. Along with excellent maps and notes and anecdotes, this military history details the Allied invasion of North Africa. Atkinson portrays… Continue reading The Liberation Trilogy by Atkinson

Suspense, Thriller

The Butcher’s Boy by Perry

Reviewed by Henry Morrison Thomas Perry’s debut novel, The Butcher’s Boy, follows the ruthless exploits of a professional killer when he’s double-crossed by the mob after a high-profile hit. The novel is a race back and forth across America as the nameless protagonist methodically creates a war between the Italian families. Mr. Perry has written… Continue reading The Butcher’s Boy by Perry