History, Nonfiction, Science, Suspense, True Crime


Erik Larson is a distinctive voice in the nonfiction genre, seamlessly weaving narrative with history and creating a factual recounting of events that reads with the grip and flow of a novel. Larson’s impeccable, in-depth research not only draws the lines for history, but it fills the lines in with brilliant colour. Thunderstruck is no… Continue reading Thunderstruck

Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Final Target by Seymour

E.V. Seymour’s second installment in the Joshua Thane Thriller series finds Hex at a crossroads. With a high octane plot, a lone wolf former assassin as a protagonist, and an undercurrent of vengeance, Final Target is a thrill ride. Hex is struggling to put his past behind him and lead a normal life when McCallen,… Continue reading Final Target by Seymour

Crime Fiction, Legal Thriller, Mystery, Suspense

Thirteen by Cavanagh

Thirteen, Steve Canavagh’s fourth installment in the Eddie Flynn series, is an edge of your seat legal thriller. The tale is in the same vein as the classic Grisham courtroom dramas but with a darker, grittier edge and the tense, high octane pace of a thriller. Tautly plotted and filled with clever twists, Thirteen starts… Continue reading Thirteen by Cavanagh

Absurdist Literature, Literary Fiction, Postmodern Literature

The Sun Temple by Späth

B.F. Späth’s The Sun Temple follows one vulnerable and unstable man’s quest for antiquarian visions in this elegant, lyrical, obsessive, and hallucinogenic story. The tale is “a short story, but with gland trouble” filled with metafictional ploys à la Thomas Pynchon, and it serves as a “Travelogue of a Non-Existent City…[, a] Poem of a… Continue reading The Sun Temple by Späth

Mystery, Noir, Philosophy

Dead Is Beautiful by Perry

Rose and her human, Charles Stone, are back in Jo Perry’s newest release, Dead Is Beautiful. Both Rose, a sweetly soulful and silently wise dog, and Charles, a large man who never amounted to much more than a disappointment, are dead and stuck in the empty space between realms. When Rose is threatened by a… Continue reading Dead Is Beautiful by Perry

Domestic Drama, Psychological Thriller, Suspense

Lying in Wait by Nugent

Liz Nugent’s Lying in Wait is a twisted read that pits a son’s determination to unravel a family secret against his mother’s dangerous possessiveness and psychopathic machinations. Nugent’s latest is a character drama, a coming of age story, a domestic suspense, and a psychological thriller all wrapped up in an engaging and disquieting read. Nugent's… Continue reading Lying in Wait by Nugent