History, Nonfiction, Science

The Map That Changed the World by Winchester

Simon Winchester’s The Map That Changed the World is a thorough, engaging recounting of a fascinating historical figure whose late-recognized contributions to society paved the way for future revolutionary theories. Winchester’s nonfiction work details the life and work of William Smith, the “Father of English Geology.”  Winchester brings Smith to life on the pages as… Continue reading The Map That Changed the World by Winchester

Historical Fiction, Thriller

Once More Unto the Breach by Holloway

Meghan Holloway’s Once More Unto the Breach is poetic and visceral, lyrical and brutal. A wartime mystery, a family saga, a subtle romance, and an action thriller wrapped up in an epic quest story, this is historical fiction at its best. The tale begins in medias res with Rhys Gravenor, Welsh sheep farmer and Great… Continue reading Once More Unto the Breach by Holloway

Literary Fiction

Inch Levels by Hegarty

Neil Hegarty’s Inch Levels tells the story of a sister, brother-in-law, and mother gathered around a young man’s deathbed. In a nonlinear, stream of consciousness style, Hegarty unfolds the family’s secrets. World War Two and the Troubles form a haunting dual backdrop for the two narratives unraveled in this tale. Sarah Jackson, the family matriarch,… Continue reading Inch Levels by Hegarty

Psychological Thriller, Suspense

Before She Knew Him by Swanson

Peter Swanson’s latest, Before She Knew Him, is his most swiftly-paced and tautly-told novel. Hen, an artist with bi-polar who has a history of obsession and making false accusations, becomes convinced her new neighbour, Matthew, is a murderer. What ensues is a cat and mouse game that turns into a twisted friendship worthy of the… Continue reading Before She Knew Him by Swanson

History, Nonfiction, Science, Suspense, True Crime


Erik Larson is a distinctive voice in the nonfiction genre, seamlessly weaving narrative with history and creating a factual recounting of events that reads with the grip and flow of a novel. Larson’s impeccable, in-depth research not only draws the lines for history, but it fills the lines in with brilliant colour. Thunderstruck is no… Continue reading Thunderstruck

Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Final Target by Seymour

E.V. Seymour’s second installment in the Joshua Thane Thriller series finds Hex at a crossroads. With a high octane plot, a lone wolf former assassin as a protagonist, and an undercurrent of vengeance, Final Target is a thrill ride. Hex is struggling to put his past behind him and lead a normal life when McCallen,… Continue reading Final Target by Seymour